Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Adventures of Single Girls!

Well last night was good. Went out with my ladies. Had good drinks, good laughs, and a good time.

The evening started off a little rough at dinner. Allison, Scott, Jeff, Catherine and myself met for dinner. It was all good until we started talking about the recent drinking and driving accident that involved a 16 year old girl killing a 29 year old. Now I am the first to rant against drinking and driving. BUT I also believe that she is too young to be charged as an adult. The legal drinking age is 21.. Which is the government saying that they believe at that age you are responsible enough to take what comes along with drinking. I just don't understand what will be accomplished by trying this girl as an adult. She has already ruined her life and will be struggling with this everyday of the rest of her life. So I suppose my main point is that I don't believe 16 year olds have the same mentality as adults and therefore don't agree with trying them that way.

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