Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Just another FRIEND!!

Well I have decided to start blogging because I just need to vent and I figured this is the best way. So here is the story. I met this guy about 4 months ago. Now between you and me, we met on the computer. After a few witty e-mails and some online conversation we decided to talk on the phone. The conversation was great. After a couple of days and finding out that we lived down the road from each other we decided to meet. The meeting was good and he stayed for hours. This went on a couple of times until he mention some girl that he apparently had feelings for. Well that didn't work out... but as always there was another girl. Now for 3 months I have had to listen to this guy talk about girl after girl. The whole time thinking "WHY NOT ME!!" Well now he has decided to find me a boyfriend. I don't know exactly what this means. He describes me as: nice, funny, low-maintenance, laid back, and a good cook. So my question is why won't he date me! Am I out of line thinking that one day he will turn around and say YOU ARE THE ONE!! When we first started hanging out he told me to "make the effort", now for 4 months I have done nothing but show the effort. And yet all it has got me was a new friend. Now I am not complaining because I will take a friend, but for once I want more

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