Friday, January 5, 2007


You enjoy feeling needed, dear Virgo, but today even you may throw up your hands and shout, "Enough already!" You have been giving so much of yourself for so long now that friends and loved ones tend to think of your largesse as a right rather than a privilege. Today you can remind them of the error of their thinking. Take a day off from indentured servitude for a change. Take yourself out to a fancy restaurant in town and enjoy being waited on. Don't forget to leave a generous tip.

So this was my horoscope for the day! And oh does it speak volumes!! So I didn't write yesterday because I was completely exhausted.. Got home from work and took a short nap, worked out and went and hit the town! Now I have been rejected by so many boys this month that I have sworn them off! Yes I know it is only the 5th of Jan. but you have no idea. So last night was just me and Allison and we went to Sharkeys to shoot pool! Now I have learned that an older crowd hangs out there.

So we began shooting pool when a guy approached us and asked if we were easily offended. (I however am not in any measure easily offended) So I said no and he proceeded to show me pictures of his penis that he was taken on his phone! This however didn't shock me, but makes me realize that these are the kind of guys I attract. Which is why I am still single.

So now for the reason my horoscope rings true. So the infamous boy mentioned earlier that just wants to be friends is the prime example. Now I know we aren't supposed to keep track of things as friends but everyone has been in one of those relationships where you begin to notice that you are the one being a friend and the other person is reaping the benefits. Well this is so true with the friendship.. Because it is completely one sided. I can't think of one thing he has done for me. The few times I have needed his help he is nowhere to be found- oh so convenient. I am a very giving person and love it. But when you begin to notice that someone is taking advantage of your generosity it is time to draw the line. So this is me DRAWING the line. We will see how long it last!

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