Saturday, January 6, 2007


Oh the joys of mypsace! Well today was a decently good day.. It was absolutely beautiful and I made every attempt to be outside. Came home from working out to see that the "boy" mentioned earlier has deleted me from his myspace page. Could this be out of revenge or purely because he is 2. Well to see what exactly was going on I went to his myspace and found out that not only did he delete me, but also a friend of mine of which he had added. Now here is my deal. It is one thing to delete me, but to delete my friend out of association is a whole other. This is one thing I have never understood. I understand where you can have distaste towards some people but to have distaste towards someone not in the situation is a complete uncalled for. Now I have experienced this by a guy who dated my friend. Once it ended he wouldn't even acknowledge me. Which I found completely immature. So those are my issues with boys today! But I watched Pride and Prejudice, and it always gives me hope that one day I will meet someone like Mr. Darcy!

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